Drone Conference2016 –An opportunity to learn the latest developments in the industry

Drone is an unmanned flying machine controlled with help of a remote. It is of great use for a number of government and non-government organizations. Mostly a drone carries a camera for capturing images and recording videos of places which are not safe and hard to visit for human. However, camera is not the only thing it can carry. One can also attach special equipment for making the measurement of a location. When used by military, these machines are used for spying on and also for combat by attaching weapons.

If you are a drone enthusiast and want to learn about the latest developments in this industry, then you definitely do not want to miss the great opportuair-monitoring-211124_960_720-newnity knocking at your door.NUA is going to organize a drone conference where you can meet pioneering masterminds of the UAV/UAS space. Here are the well-known names of the industry who will share their knowledge and experience with attendees of the drone conference 2016:

  • Chris Anderson- CEO of 3DRobotics
  • Tobin Fisher- CEO, Vantage Robotics
  • Romeo Durscher-Director of Education, DJI
  • Michael Drobac -Senior Advisor, Akin Gump and Executive Director, Small UAV Coalition
  • Christian Sanz–CEO and Founder
  • Mike Winn-CEO of Drone Deploy
  • Jay Bregman–CEO and Founder of Verify and many other

In this 3 days UAV drone conference, you will learn how these flying objects can serve agriculture, real estate, logistics, construction, insurance, exploration and inspection, and city management industries. So, what are you waiting for, buy tickets to attend this conference from June 3 to June 5 at The Palace of Fine Arts Theater, Innovation Hangar, San Francisco CA.


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